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Giving your pet love and affection :-)


Certified in Animal First Aid by the American Red Cross - Member of HSUS, OHS-SPCA and The National Association of Professional Pet Sitters

Orlando Pet Sitter

Service areas:

Downtown Orlando, Thornton Park, Baldwin Park, Colonial Town, Eola Heights, College Park, and Audubon Park.


While you are away, we will visit your pet in your home for playtime, love, affection, walks, litter box attention and medication administration, if needed. At each visit, your mail and newspaper will be retrieved and lights & blinds will be rotated.

We will charge $14 per visit for the first 2 pets (possible $2.00 for each additional animal). Dogs require at least two visits per day. Cats and birds usually require one visit per day.

Using the services of a Professional Pet Sitter not only helps the pet maintain a normal routine and the imposition on friends/family, but also helps to avoid the stress on your pet which commonly occurs with boarding and long absences away from their owners.

The negative effects of separation anxiety such as incessant barking, marking and destructive behaviors can also be lessened by the use of a Professional Pet Sitter.